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Changa's Safari by Milton Davis



In the fifteenth century a young merchant set sail on a safari across the seas determined to build the wealth necessary to save his people from the  evil sorcerer Usenge. From the Swahili merchant cities of Sofala and Mombassa, to the Malaccan straits and the magnificent Middle Kingdom, Changa and his talented crew experience adventures beyond the imagination. 


"Milton Davis' Changa is a sword and soul hero worthy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Imaro."

    -Charles R. Saunders, author of Imaro


"Changa's Safari is a journey into an age of wonder and adventure. Milton Davis takes us into a world based on historical fact, embellished by the fecundity of his imagination!"

    -Ronald T. Jones, author of Warriors of the Four Worlds


"Changa's Safari is a sword and sorcery novel in the mold of the grand old adventures and pirate sagas of yesteryear, only told with a very urbane attitude...The characters leap off the page, the action is fast and furious, and there's a joyous sense of humor that makes it a pleasure to read."

    -Joe Bonadonna, author of Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser



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Meji Book One by Milton Davis

On the continent of Uhuru, in the grasslands of the Sesu, Inkosi Dingane is granted his wish. His Great Wife Shani bears him a son, an heir to his growing empire. But the ancestors have plans of their own. Shani bears him twin boys, meji, an abomination among the Sesu, but a blessing to Shani’s people, the Mawena.

Thus begins the story of two brothers destined to transform their world. One brother, Ndoro, fights for his place among the Sesu, hoping to shed the stigma of abomination. The other, Obaseki, grows to a man among the people of his mother, struggling with a gift that alienates him from his family and eventually leads to his exile. Both brothers set out to find his destiny, traveling through teeming savannah, mysterious forests, haunted ocean cliffs and infernal deserts, fulfilling a prophecy that would change them and their world forever.

"So what do I think of Meji? In a word, I think it's excellent. It combines the best qualities of heroic and epic epic as sweeping as any multi-volume fantasy saga..."


 -Charles R. Saunders, Creator of Sword and Soul, Author of Imaro


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Meji Book Two by Milton Davis

Ndoro and Obaseki, twin brothers of royal birth, now find themselves on different paths towards the same destiny. Ndoro, driving by revenge, forges his adopted people into the greatest weapon Uhuru has known. Obaseki begins a sojourn that takes him to the land of his mysterious spirit horn Moyo, the pieces of puzzling power slowly falling into place with each step. As their powers grow their paths become clear.

Meji Book Two picks up where Book One left off, following the brothers into adulthood. Each adventure brings them closer to their destiny as well as revealing more of the diverse and wonderful world that is Uhuru. In Meji Book Two, Two will become One.

“Milton Davis has created a wonderfully unique world in Meji that carried me into its magic and lush story. I fell in love with the characters and world. He has an elegant and intriguing writing style that made it easy to read and sad to finish. I look forward to more."

                              -Linda Addison, Author of Being Full of Light Insubstantial, Two Time HWA Bram Stoker Winner


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