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Amber Williams is a beautiful, bright and brutally honest thirteen year old dealing with a new school and self centered parents. What Amber doesn't know is that she is the only person that can choose the new king of Marai, a magical kingdom hidden in the Sahara sands for 1000 years. The key lies in the amber necklace given to her by her grandmother, an escapee from Marai. When Amber's talents are suddenly called upon by her wizard grandfather, the adventure begins!








The Face In The Temple

Sadatina loses her family to the demons lurking in the hills looming over her village. She vows to avenge them, waging a relentless war with the aid of her feline 'sisters.' But one day she discovers a power she cannot defeat on her own. Thus begins her journey to become the High priestess of Cha and leader of the Shosa, women warriors trained to slay Cha's enemies. But can Sadatina and her 'daughters' defeat coming threat in the form of the man-demon Rashadu?





The Sivad Chronicles

Hundreds of years ago a brutal people were driven from the Motherland. They found themselves in a new world that they quickly conquered, only to be defeated centuries later almost to oblivion. Now the descendents of those people, the Sivads, search for their origins and identity as subjects of an empire that sees them as enemies. A Debt To Pay is an action adventure fantasy that takes place in an America like you've never seen.




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