A Sword and Soul Anthology



Fourteen writers. Fourteen artists. A gathering of story tellers through words and art. Over thirty years ago Charles R. Saunders created a genre to fill an important void. He created Imaro, a black sword and sorcery hero who lived in a world based on an Africa many of us were unaware. He called his style of storytelling Sword and Soul and a new genre was born. Sword and Soul languished for a time before being revived by Charles himself and Milton Davis, another writer spurred by the same sources and the same desire. But these men were not satisfied with their own voices. They knew there were others anxious to tell their stories, eager to sing with the strumming kora and the pulsing djembe. Together they have gathered these modern day djelis, gaseres and griots to create what will be the first of its kind, an anthology dedicated to Sword and Soul.



"Stories of rage and revenge, of madness and magic, of love, hate, and sacrifice…the world of myth is the map of a people's secret heart. Griots offers an intense buffet, ragingly poetic glimpses of a landscape ignored by both contemporary and classic fantasy. I dare you to read it and not regret there hasn’t been a thousand more of its kind."

-Steven Barnes, author of LION'S BLOOD


"So should you read Griots? Absolutely...If you're a sword and sorcery fan looking for some heroic fantasy that takes place in realms other than medieval or ancient setting most sword and sorcery stories take place in then you most certainly should check this anthology out."    

-Derrick Ferguson, Host of Better in the Dark


"Griots is a winning anthology unlike most of the fantasy found on today’s bookshelves."

-Ron Fortier, Airship 27



Take your place beneath the meeting tree. The griots are singing.



Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology

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